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Are you thinking about heading to a trampoline park but aren't sure what to expect? You've come to the right place! In addition to our beginners guide, we've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions from park visitors. If you have an additional question, leave it below in the comments and we will get it answered for you!

  • Q: What should I wear when I visit a trampoline park?
    A: Either athletic clothing or your standard street clothes are appropriate. Sharp or metal items like jewelry, belts, and items in your pocket should be removed. The best rule of thumb to follow is dress as if you were going to the gym to work out. Revealing or restrictive clothing is not appropriate.
  • Q: Is there an age limit?
    A: Most locations have no age restrictions or allow fairly young jumpers. Often it's said, if you can walk, you can jump. Some locations allow a parent to jump with a youngster. Sometimes you'll find special times designated to younger jumpers. This time creates a safe, kid friendly jump time. Check the specific park you're visiting for a final answer.
  • Q: Are spectators who aren't jumping allowed?
    A: Yes. Most facilities offer a spectator area for those who are not jumping. You may have to sign a waiver to enter this area.
  • Q: What about wearing something on my feet?
    A: Most locations require that all jumpers wear facility provided non-slip socks when jumping. This creates a safer, cleaner jumping environment.
  • Q: Do I need to fill out a waiver?
    A: Participants and often spectators must have a liability waiver for the specific location signed or on-file in order to jump.
  • Q: Do I need a reservation or can I just show-up?
    A: It is always recommended to reserve ahead of time. This can often be done online. Trampoline parks are extremely popular and spaces fill up fast. This is especially important during busy times like weekends (Fri-Sun), on holidays, and really any time school is out.

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