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Who doesn’t remember and love playing tag as a kid? You could almost call it a rite of passage. Whether you are “it” or the one running away, playing tag is the quintessential playground and summer game. It’s an excellent way for kids to be active without knowing they’re doing something healthy. And the sometimes vigorous exercise is the best for growing children.

There are numerous variations on tag. Before the latest in technology, you may have played flashlight tag on summer evenings. Fast forward to the 21st century, and you have a high-tech version of the game, namely, laser tag. The introduction of equipment takes this playground game to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Laser Tag Sets

Kit Price Rating Find on Amazon

Laser X Two Player Set
Laser X Two Player Set thumb

$ Great bang for your buck. Check Price

Dynasty Toys Multiplayer 4 Pack
Dynasty Toys Thumb

$$$ Best in Class with Case Check Price

Recoil Multi-player Starter Set
Recoil Multiplayer Starter Set

$$$ Technologically Supported Tag Game Check Price

Nerf Phoenix LTX Lazer Tag 2-Pack
Nerf Laser Tag Kit Thumb

$$ Nerf Brand Quality at a Bargain Check Price
Best Choice Products Infrared Lazer Tag Set
BCP Multiplayer Kit Thumb
$ High Powered Kit Check Price
Matty's Toy Stop "Call of Life" Laser Tag Blasters
Mattys Toy Stop Thumb
$$ Perfect for Bigger Groups on a Budget Check Price
Kidzlane Laser Tag Mega Game Pack
Kidzland Mega Thumb
$ Bang for Your Buck Check Price

Laser X Two Player System

Laser X Two Player Gaming Set Box

Laser X is the only product on our list that uses a separate laser blaster / hit vest system. The product also comes in as nearly the lowest price - but doesn't sacrifice features for this price point. The guns are a solid, heavy feel and the overall quality is quite nice. Players have an option to select one of two teams, or play rogue - without a team. Having the hit target on the front of the player's body also creates a more authentic laser tag experience. Connect unlimited players for some really huge matches!

For more information, we've done a complete in-depth review of the Laser X system.


This is an easy set to fall in love with. For about $25 per set, you can connect as many players as you like. This makes it one of the most affordable on our list. The only cheaper product is the Best Choice Products two player set. The range of the Laser X set comes in at 200 feet. This beats out many other blasters in the home market which might only reach up to 130 feet.

The vest sits comfortably on the chest and doesn't move around even during intense matches. It is designed to fit a wide range of players from ages 6 up. Even as an adult, the vest is comfortable to wear even for an extended period of time. The hit registers are accurate and the colored sensor keeps you always in the know for your remaining hit points.


The blaster has a small speaker on the back that emits game sounds. There is a constant beep during play. This beep is good to keep people from camping, but it cannot be turned off. It is a bit obnoxious after a while. If you don't want the sound, it would be nice to disable it. Also the reload requires you to hold the trigger and shake the blaster. This isn't as responsive as a dedicated reload button like most other home laser tag sets feature.

What We Liked:
The Laser X system is a simple, yet effective laser tag set. The quality of the physical product and the accuracy of the blaster/vests makes for some great games. For the value, this is an easy product to recommend.

Dynasty Toys Multiplayer 4 Pack Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

The Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids is the most expensive of the laser tag sets that we considered. The kit includes four different colored guns and a handsome carrying case that adds a professional touch to this childhood game. Bringing your laser guns in this traveler will certainly impress the other kids playing the game.

Each laser gun has options to change the gun setting to pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, or missile launcher. Each setting has a different range and impact on the health of those shot. Players can choose a team and a gun to get started. The laser gun tracks the player’s health with lights on the side of it. Each of the three lights equals three lives or hits.


The laser guns emit non-visible, infrared light that will not require eye protection for anyone playing. Your children will not need to wear a vest either as the blaster acts as the target with a built-in sensor. The variable in gameplay is the real selling point. And the fact that it comes with four laser guns means the game is on as soon as you load the four AA batteries in each one.

The Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set was the only product that specifically stated it was certified child safe Class 1 laser product. We liked the assurance that the company is dedicated to producing a quality product. We were also impressed with the reviews touting the superior customer service that buyers received. That is a great testament to a product’s value.


The biggest disadvantage is the price. But when you consider the cost of getting two more laser guns, it is not a bad deal to buy them all up front. The laser guns play realistic sounds that vary with the gun setting. They will also vibrate when the user shoots the gun or gets shot. While that makes for an exciting game, parents are advised that there is no volume control on the sound.

It’s not as loud as a real gun. But it may put a limit on how late into the night you should consider letting your kids play laser tag. Each gun takes four AA batteries which will certainly add up over time. We strongly recommend keeping a good supply on hand to make sure that the game can continue without interruption.

What We Liked: We loved the fact that it comes in a four-pack set. Everyone can start playing right away without having to search for friends who have compatible laser tag guns. We also liked the carrying case to keep the guns together (hopefully!) and protect them between uses.

Recoil Multi-player Starter Set

Recoil Multiplayer Starter Set
This laser tag set is the newest on our list, and arguably the most intriguing. The Recoil starter set was released in 2017 and includes includes two pistols, the wifi hub, and the app software. The technologically supported laser tag game is the only on our list that uses wifi, AR, and bluetooth. Compared to the other sets, this is a very compelling argument for adults and children who would like a more in-depth play experience.

For an in-depth look, see our Recoil product preview.


The Recoil set comes in at the highest price on our list, but the higher price (say 2x a standard home laser tag bundle) comes with a feature set that makes the price attractive. You'll be able to connect up to 16 players via the WiFi hub and play multiple game types. This makes it a very compelling purchase.

These features give you a good bang for your buck - especially when you factor in the high replay value that the set enables. The set is perfect for ages 12+ up through adults. More than likely your kids will be waiting their turn to play!


The biggest con we find is simply the reliance on external hardware - namely a phone - to run the set. Despite this set being aimed at children 12+, you'll still need a smartphone for each player. This might prove problematic for families where children don't own a smartphone.

Because the set is new to market there are many unknowns around the performance. If time proves the set a success, it will be a big one. If there are technical or performance issues that go unsolved, this could be an issue for owners. At the time of writing this, things do look promising for the toy. It is backed by the experienced Skyrocket Toys and has considerable hardware and marketing support behind the product.

What We Liked: We think this set is perfect for the whole family. The high end home laser tag market has long been needing a true contender and we think Recoil is it. 16 player matches in a 250 foot radius around the Wifi hub make day and night neighborhood matches a very attractive idea. It's good enough that the kids might just end up impatiently waiting for the adults to finish their match!

Nerf Phoenix LTX Lazer Tag 2-Pack


Nerf Two Player Laser Tag Battle System

The Nerf Lazer Tag Set includes two laser guns at an affordable price. Of course, it comes with the solid reputation of the Nerf brand which specializes in making toys for kids. As you may expect, the laser tag set has several features that make it stand out from comparable products. It includes a shield function to help users get out of a tight spot during gameplay.

Perhaps the thing that makes it stand out the most is the ability to use it for solo play with an iPhone 3GS (or newer) or iPod Touch 4th generation (or newer). That said, newer and larger iPhones won’t fit in the included iPhone/iPod cradles. However, your child doesn’t have to use a smartphone with the set. Most users prefer using the laser guns with multiple-player games.


The smartphone feature adds video game-style play to the mix. Your child can place his phone in the cradle after downloading the app from the iTunes store. It adds to the versatility of the laser tag equipment so that your child can play on his own. The app will provide the needed aliens to get the game underway. For our part, it’s cheaper than buying an entire video game console.

The Nerf Lazer Tag Set is reasonably priced so that you can judge whether your kids will use it without investing a lot of cash. The set is easy to use. The players only need to sync their devices before they start. The iTune app is free to download and use. The laser gun requires only simple assembly before the games can begin.


Some of the cons are more from a kid’s perspective than a parent’s idea. The shooter must turn the gun off and on again to reset to start a new game. During intense battle, that could slow down the game. The laser guns also emit a warning if the enemy is approaching. Some kids might think that it takes the fun out of laser tag and the element of surprise.

Unlike other laser tag equipment we reviewed, the Nerf Lazer Tag Set requires six AA batteries instead of the typical four. It’s something to consider if you’re buying more than one set and have children that will use the set a lot. We suspect the iPhone/iPod feature accounts for the need for the extra juice. On the downside, Android devices are not supported.

What We Liked: We loved the affordable price which included the bonus feature of solo play with a smartphone. We thought that it increased the value of the product even if it didn’t include Android smartphones. The rubber bumper on the cradle is a nice touch to protect the device.

Best Choice Products Infrared Lazer Tag Set

Best Choice Products Laser Tag Kit

The Best Choice Products Kids Infrared Lazer Tag Set has many of the same features as comparable laser gun kits. Each blaster has four gun settings with different ammunition loads and damage. The sensor is located on each unit, so there’s no need to wear a vest or other gear to register hits and kills. The guns are made of ABS plastic and are ASTM certified.

You can expect a range of about 120 feet which falls in line with other laser tag sets. The sensor on the blaster is sensitive to pick up most shots. Cheaters, beware! The sound from the blasters varies with the gun setting with the missile launcher providing the biggest bang.


The Best Choice Products Kids Infrared Lazer Tag Set is affordably priced so that you needn’t spend a fortune to get your children active. It becomes more a matter of why not then why should you? The guns have a nice hand feel. Reviews tout the durability of them. We also liked the fact that comments were overwhelmingly positive. There seems to be little to fault.

Many reviews make a point of mentioning how long the laser guns have lasted. Several people also remarked that the kids remained interested in playing with the set for months after the purchase. And they would know first if something wasn’t right. For our part that sounds like a good investment to keep your children active and entertained.


The Best Choice Products Kids Infrared Lazer Tag Set supports up to four players. Other laser gun kits we reviewed allowed more people to get in on the action. But there is some confusion. While the product description limits the users, many reviews mentioned larger groups using the laser guns. Our advice is to try it for yourself and see.

The guns take four AA batteries each. Some reviewers mentioned that they’re going through them quickly. But that could also reflect how much use the devices are getting, so we’ll reserve comment on it. Most comments didn’t elaborate on usage.

Some reviewers complained about faulty lights and electronics on the laser guns. These incidents were few and far between. The issue seems to rest more with quality control than anything else. We liked the fact that the company is responsive to any problems buyers might have with them. The excellent customer service offsets most issues that customers have with the set.

What We Liked: We loved the look of the guns which is sleek and easy to hold. We also liked it that many adult reviewers admitted to playing with the laser guns too. It just goes to show that we are all still young at heart.

Matty's Toy Stop "Call of Life" Laser Tag Blasters

Mattys Toy Stop Call of Life Bundle

The Matty's Toy Stop "Call of Life" Laser Tag Blasters for Kids offers a fun and easy way to get started with a thrilling game of laser tag right away. With four blasters in the Battle Bundle ready for action, your children can form their teams quickly. Compared to other laser guns, the blasters are slightly shorter than other models.

The “Call of Life” moniker refers to the Light Battle Active, the leading laser tag brand in the EU. The Netherlands-based company sells accessories like laser targets to extend the game play beyond tag. The blaster includes an ammunition reload button to keep the play going when a shooter runs out. Simply press the button on the bottom, and you’re ready to go.


Laser tag guns are lots of fun—as long as they work. Many of the reviews for the Matty’s Toy Stop “Call of Life” Laser Tag Blasters commented on how the toy remained a favorite toy, post-Christmas. Observations like that speak volumes about a product. We also loved reading how many parents bought a set for themselves so that they could play laser tag with the kids too.

We found it interesting that some reviewers had bad experiences with other brands and opted for Matty’s Top Stop instead. The light and sound effects with the laser guns make for a good show that will make any laser tag game exciting. The blasters will also vibrate when a shooter fires and when he is hit so that he can stay focused on the action.


Like the Dynasty Toys laser gun set, the initial price seems high simply because there are four blasters included with the kit. Even taking that information into account, the set still falls on the higher end of the scale. The blasters are made of plastic, albeit, with a solid feel to them. However, considering the comparable features with other sets, it may fall short for some buyers.

Some comments stated that the guns stay lit when they are turned on which would seem to defeat the purpose of playing laser tag at night. Some buyers complained of malfunctioning laser guns, but these reports were few and far between. Any issues seem confined to the initial use of the product rather than the laser guns breaking down the road.

What We Liked: We liked the fact that it comes in a four-pack so that kids can jump right into a multiplayer game. Though more expensive at a per unit price, overall, customers were satisfied with their purchase. The laser guns performed well and kept their children’s interest long after the special occasion. Parents will appreciate knowing their money is well spent.

Kidzlane Laser Tag Mega Game Pack

Kidzland Mega Game Set

The Kidzlane Laser Tag Game includes four blasters with many similar features as comparable laser gun equipment. It has four gun and team modes for plenty of game variations. Each gun uses four AA batteries like many other types of laser guns. It also has a collection of sound effects that match the game play.

The manufacturer specializes in toys that encourage interaction like the laser guns and exploration like its Science Kidz Collection. They believe in producing educational toys that are affordable, music to any parent’s ear. The company plays an emphasis on safety, using only kid-friendly parts. As they state, “Safety Begins with Quality.”


The Kidzlane Laser Tag Game is one of the best laser tag sets we reviewed. You can add as many team members as you’d like, so you can make it a laser tag party if you want. Most reviews remarked that the laser guns were a hit at gift-giving time. We also noted several reviews that stated buyers would purchase the product again.

We were impressed with the company’s emphasis on building child-parent interaction with its toys. Even the packaging makes it easy for kids to pick up the laser guns and start playing. The clear instructions tell children everything they need to know about the different modes with a detailed diagram of the features of the laser gun.


There’s a lot to say about a product that has no negative reviews as of this writing. If we had to point anything amiss, some buyers didn’t like the placement of the sensor on the blaster. For our part, we had no problem with it. We liked that it was further down the end of the laser gun to avoid covering it up with a long sleeve accidentally.

What We Liked: We were impressed with the company’s emphasis on child safety and quality control. When we saw negative reviews on other products, these were the two concerns most often cited by buyers. It would seem clear that Kidzlane has these issues covered.

Playing this game with laser tag equipment is something the whole family can enjoy. The laser guns take all the guesswork out of knowing who was shot or who hit the most targets. The realistic sounds add to the excitement. They make playing flashlight tag kids’ stuff compared to the thrilling gameplay with laser tag guns—especially at night, of course.

The great thing about using laser tag equipment is that it encourages team building. While children can play one on one, the chance to form teams adds a lot to the game play. Even better, friends and family can join in the fun with their own laser tag guns. Soon, you’ll have everyone in the neighborhood getting in the game and getting active to boot!

Once you choose the set for you, be sure to check out our article on running a successful match.

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