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Over the course of the last 5 years, we've seen the trampoline park industry explode both in the number of parks and the attractions within each location. When the industry first began, the trampoline park consisted primarily of an interconnected grid of trampolines and some basketball hoops. As the industry grew, it morphed from a trampoline-only focus into the next generation of family entertainment center.

Innovative companies in manufacturing and operational roles are driving this industry development. Today the average trampoline park often includes multiple trampoline-based attractions, ninja courses, and a smattering of other family entertainment attractions. This means bigger and better parks with more entertainment options for the visitors.

The Texas-based company Urban Air Adventure Parks has been one of the leaders in the development of the industry. Their next big move is to bring indoor skydiving into their parks as an attraction.

History of Urban Air Trampoline Parks

The company was founded in 2011 by father and son Michael Browning, Jr and Michael Browning, Sr. The brand started with a trampoline park focus. Over the next 6 years the company grew to become one of the leading trampoline park brands with over 45 operations and franchises active. As time passed, the forward thinking approach has changed the path forward for the company.

The company's aggressive growth plan will see the number of locations doubling in 2018. To assist with this growth, Urban Air announced a strategic investment from MPK Equity Partners and AHR Growth Partners in March 2018. As the complexity of their parks grow, so do the cost of opening each location. This funding will continue the expansion of the company on an international scale.

A Look Inside

The originally named Urban Air Trampoline Parks has now re-branded into Urban Air Adventure Parks - a direct result of their ever-expanding approach to the attractions they include in their parks. What you'll find on the inside of each park varies from location to location, but the overall trend is an increase in attractions:

"The company’s indoor adventure parks have numerous patented and proprietary attractions, including climbing walls, obstacle / ninja warrior courses, trampolines, zip line coasters, virtual reality experiences, indoor go karts and indoor skydiving."

Adventure Hub Zipline Roller Coaster at Urban Air

Urban Air parks commonly include:

  • Traditional trampoline park attractions.
  • The Urban Air Adventure Hub® - an indoor rope and tubes course.
  • Ninja obstacle courses.
  • Rock climbing walls.
  • Indoor playground.

Some of the newest parks are also including their zip line indoor roller coaster, indoor go karts, bowling, and indoor skydiving.

Why is adding Indoor Skydiving a big deal?

With the addition of indoor skydiving, Urban Air has the potential to disrupt the existing industry in a big way.

Until now, indoor skydiving facilities in the USA have been almost exclusively standalone facilities. These locations offer little else beyond the indoor skydiving experience for their customers. Adding indoor skydiving as a smaller part of a whole family entertainment package will create a whole new draw for customers.

The industry is also currently dominated by a single player - iFLY / SkyVenture. Until now, the company has maintained an exclusive hold on the market via the use of their patents. Over the last few years a couple of companies have failed to open their doors to compete with iFLY. If Urban Air succeeds, they will be the first to successfully compete - and their locations are largely in existing iFLY markets. This competition would create some very interesting situations for the market.

The plan for Urban Air tunnels is to go the smaller, more efficient route. This means less flying space for customers, but a lower price point. Our prediction is that the majority of first time flyers will prefer the lower price point despite the size, especially with the high cost of larger standalone wind tunnels.

Stay Tuned

As the first Urban Air indoor skydiving location in Fort Worth is due to open this summer. You can be sure we will be covering the opening as it happens. Subscribe below, follow us on Facebook and leave comments below.

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